Monthly Archives: July 2014

Coke ad shows exercise needed to burn off 1 soda

Coca-Cola released an online video that shows it takes 23 minutes of cycling to work off 140 calories from one can of soda, which the company said is an attempt to address energy balance. Brand consultant Laura Ries said the concept could backfire because many people are not going to see cycling for 23 minutes as fun. CBS MoneyWatch/The Associated Press (6/6)

Metabolic syndrome risk higher in boys who consume more sugary drinks

Taiwanese researchers found that adolescent boys who had moderate to high intake of sugary beverages showed a higher overall risk of metabolic syndrome than did girls and nondrinkers. Data also showed that boys who consumed more sugary drinks exhibited greater triglyceride levels than nondrinkers. The results appear in the journal Nutrients. Healio (free registration) (6/9)

Vitamin D does not improve prediabetes markers in study

Vitamin D supplementation increased nutrient levels in patients with prediabetes, a Dutch study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated. However, patients in the supplement arm did not show better insulin sensitivity or beta cell function than those in the placebo cohort, researchers said. MedPage Today (free registration)/Vitamin D Blog (6/9)

Low vitamin D plus high PTH affects glucose metabolism

Vitamin D deficiency accompanied by increased parathyroid hormone levels predicts beta-cell dysfunction, insulin resistance and glucose metabolism in women with prediabetes or diabetes at 12 months postpartum, a study indicated. The findings in Diabetes suggest that PTH levels should be taken into account when assessing the effects of vitamin D status on glucose homeostasis, researchers noted. News (6/9)